Career Tools – Subject Selection

There are a number of websites that can help you learn more about shaping your career options, preparing CV’s and interview skills, and to help you look for job opportunities – some of which you’ll use in school but others we highlight below including and Career Central. In this section we look at career planning, subject selection and CV creation.

Career planning

Over your time at Aquinas, you’ll be working with the Future Pathways team, tutor teachers and Deans to refine your school subjects to meet your future study and employment goals but there are a number of quizzes and questionnaires that can help you think of options to pursue:

  • In class or at home you can do the Bulls-Eye quiz in CareerCentral – you can then discuss results with the Future Pathways team, tutors, Deans or your family – pop in if you have questions about how it works.

Making the right subject choices

The Future Pathways team, your Dean and Mentor Teacher can provide advice and support on how to pick the subject to best optimise your chances of getting into the right tertiary study course or job of your dreams. You can do a bit of research on your own though:

  • Go and talk to someone in the role you’d like to work towards, or someone who employs those workers – ask what they look for in employees, how to get the best qualifications or experience to enhance your ability to get work in that role.
  • Complete the Bulls-Eye quiz in CareerCentral – part of the information provided in the results from these quizzes is information on what subjects to choose to reach your career roles.
  • has a Subject Matcher – a tool that helps you to get job ideas based on the subjects you enjoy or are interested in. You can see how your subjects apply to a range of jobs and choose different qualifications levels for each subject to find out how further study affects the jobs you can get.
  • Study Spy also gives an opportunity for you to explore study options and find out what courses are available and where. Also provides Scholarship information with over 70,000 to choose from.
  • The following links also provide information related to each university and what NCEA subjects they recommend for each of their Bachelor Degrees.

CV creation tools

You’ll work through career development and be able to access CV creation through your Career Central login, but there are other options for you to use:

  • has both a CV Builder and CV examples and skill-based templates for school leavers to use – either come in and see the Future Pathways team if you’re unsure how to get started or give it a go and we can check it over for you.
  • Other options you might like to try can be found on Work and Income and on MoneyHub

If at any time you’d like help in taking these quizzes or using the tools, get in touch with the Future Pathways team – either just pop into Room 32A or email us to make an appointment on the addresses below: