UC STAR courses for capable, motivated Y12 & 13s in 2022

Posted on November 20, 2021

What is the STAR Programme?

The STAR Programme allows secondary school students from anywhere in New Zealand to enrol in first-year degree-level courses while they are in Year 12 or 13. We offer both on-campus and distance courses. Once the students meet University Entrance they can credit STAR courses they have successfully completed towards a relevant degree at UC and usually at other universities too. In 2021 UC has over 500 STAR students enrolled from 123 secondary schools around New Zealand.

Why be a part of the STAR Programme?

The STAR Programme offers keen and capable students:

  • a stimulating challenge
  • an opportunity to make a head start on their tertiary degree study
  • the confidence that they have what it takes to succeed in tertiary study
  • an opportunity to connect with like-minded secondary school students

You can find the list of courses most suitable for STAR students on the pages with course information for 2022.

Each year we have a few students enrol in Math 199 which is a FREE course and is most suited to Y13s who have completed L3 Calculus in Year 12. There is a separate leaflet available – see Ms Mitchell, Ms Sharman or Ms McLaughlin. You can also speak with Ella Munro, Alice McLeod or Maya Laws who have done Math 199 this year.

Visit the UC STAR website for further details, see Ms McLaughlin in the Careers Office for a booklet.

If you wish to apply, you must first complete an SMC application form and when this is signed by your parents and approved by relevant staff, you can then apply online to UC with school approval.