Gateway Work Experience

Gateway is a structured work based learning programme in the real world of work.

The purpose of Gateway is to enable senior students (Year 12 and above) to try future career pathways as they actually are in the workplace.

Benefit for Employers Benefit for Students
  • Opportunity to contribute to the future base of their industry.
  • Building up skill base in industry.
  • Opportunity to be involved in making education more relevant to industry needs.
  • Strengthening links with industry training.
  • Reality check – gain insight into working life.
  • Help to set clear career and life goals.
  • Gain and apply skills.
  • Gain credits for work completed in workplace.
  • Build a network of contacts including CV and referee contacts.

Students who are chosen for the programme need to be committed to it. They will become full members of an organisation’s workforce and will be treated much the same as any other employee, as well as following the school rules as applicable outside the classroom. 

Each Gateway placement is a formal arrangement between a school, a student and an employer for a student to spend time learning in an employer’s workplace. The agreement outlines:

  • the knowledge and skills the student will gain during that placement
  • who will assess the student’s learning and how to confirm they have gained this knowledge and these skills.

Students also undertake a course of work placement focused study to help them apply and gain skills and knowledge that contribute towards being a suitable employee and/or towards qualifications in their chosen industry. These courses or workbooks are normally Unit Standards based and will count towards NCEA.

The Aquinas Future Pathway team co-ordinates entry into several programmes that provide structured work placement programmes  for Year 12 and 13 students here at Aquinas. These programmes combine work experience with industry relevant unit standards that contribute towards the Level 2 and 3 NCEA qualification, that your son/daughter may be interested in.

Over previous years we have had students take part in roles in arbor care, building and construction, computing, radio, healthcare, automotive, hospitality –  the list and options are only limited by what students would like to try.

If you are interested in taking part in the Gateway programme – please get in touch with the Future Pathways team in Room 32A  –

Keen to help out?

The success of the Gateway programme is in large part to the employers who host our students – if you’d like to know more or are keen to host a student in your work place, please get in touch with the Future Pathways team today.