School leaver – arbor and landscaping role

We have been approached to publicise a full time role for school leavers, its outdoors, practical, so those of you looking for physical roles in the great outdoors, get in touch quick!

The job is initially labour-based in an arborist business, but the right person would be trained in using machinery (digger/large scale chipper/truck/tractors etc). Employer advises there is room for negotiation to put the right person through training and licensing.

Personal requirements

  • You will need to have a restricted drivers license as employees will be expected to drive work utes. Arrangements can be made for transport to work if they meet at our yard (Pyes Pa).
  • Hours per week will be minimum of 35 (we pay for lunch breaks so if staffwork from 8-4 they can get a 40hrs week doing friendly hours).
  • Reliable, conscientious and physically fit.

This job is advertised in other places but employer is looking for recommendations – so if this sounds like a real possibilty for you in 2020 get in touch with Catherine ( as soon as possible, to arrange application and contact details.