Tertiary study can be expensive, and the cost alone can sometimes put our rangitahi/young people off, or alter the decisions they make about their future options. Financial support can be available from a variety of sources to meet our rangitahi / young people’s needs – what types of scholarships, grants and awards are there? Could you study for free? It’s worth finding out!

To get be able to access a scholarship, you need to meet certain criteria, which can be based on things like:

  • Area of study, the industry or trade,- the subject you wish to study or career option you wish to pursue
  • Academic merit – how well you have done at school in assessment and exams
  • Leadership, community service or involvement – the time and commitment you have made to a community
  • Ethnicity
  • Financial status or first in family to attend university
  • The region you grew up in, or where you plan to study.

Scholarships can apply to different education levels, such as a diploma or Master’s degree, and can also vary in what they cover. For example, some scholarships may cover tuition fees only, while others cover all course costs and some of your living expenses.

There are hundreds of scholarships, grants and awards available depending on criteria, so take a good look at what you could apply for. There may be more opportunities than you think.

  • moneyhub – moneyhub regularly updates its information on scholarships available for Year 13 students.
  • StudySpy – this is a database of scholarships available for school leavers and tertiary students
  • – provides scholarship information and tips on where to find scholarships, how to apply and specific information for Maori and Pasifika students.
  • – Universities New Zealand is the sector voice for all eight universities, and provides information on scholarships available at those universities.
  • – is a community based website that provides information for students on scholarships and grants for individuals

For more information on applying for scholarships, check out what has to say about applying for scholarships, grants and awards or pop in to see the Future Pathways Team (Room 32A) or your Dean.