What to expect on a building apprenticeship

December 3, 2019

This month’s careers.govt.nz education and training highlights takes a look at what it means to take part in a building apprenticeship. A rapidly growing industry here in Tauranga, building and construction apprenticeships are available for the right candidate and support is available via BCITO – the Building and Construction ITO.

So, what happens when you do a building apprenticeship?

  1. You first need to find a job where the employer agrees to take you on as an apprentice – you can use the Gateway work experience programme to gain work experience with a local builder and start to work towards your OSH and building qualifications – this can be a good way to give building a try before you commit – you’ll need to be prepared for early starts, physical work, out in the weather – this is not for everyone.
  2. Once you have connected with a builder who agrees to take you on as an apprentice, the builder will train and support you while you complete your New Zealand Certificate in Carpentry (Level 4).
  3. Once you have your job agreed, contact BCITO to sign up to the apprenticeship programme.
  4. BCITO will provide educational work for you to undertake at your own pace (through workbooks and modules) related to your on-site work.
  5. BCITO will also offer training courses for you to attend as part of the apprenticeship.
  6. Your employer will make sure you achieve the skills you need and that your work is up to standard.
  7. During your apprenticeship, a BCITO training adviser will support you. They’ll meet with you on-site four times a year to:
    • keep track of what you’re learning
    • discuss any gaps in your skills and knowledge
    • assess your competency based on your practical skills
    • record your assessment results with NZQA.

If you are considering a potential future in building or construction, check out the advice that careers.govt.nz has for those thinking about an apprenticeship role in these industries here. careers.govt.nz provides guidance on:

If you’d like to learn more about Gateway work experience programmes, or be put in touch with Aquinas’ BCITO representative – please get in touch with the Future Pathways team – Mikaere Smith or Catherine Mahoney to talk about options in 2020.

Mikaere Smith – msmith@aquinas.school.nz 
Catherine Mahoney – cmahoney@aquinas.school.nz